About Me

About Me

Hello and welcome to The Vivid Vegan!


My name is Monique and I’ve started this blog in January 2016 under a different name when I moved to England. Back then I was writing about London and how it is to live abroad but now my priorities have changed so this blog got a new design.


After being a vegetarian for years and years I became a vegan in May 2017. And that’s when I realised that I want to blog about it. I wanted to share what I’m eating, what recipes I’m cooking and what cruelty-free products I like to use. I started posting about these topics but wasn’t happy with my name anymore so I have been working very hard on finding something that suits me and the blog a bit better.


The Vivid Vegan

And that’s when I changed my blog to The Vivid Vegan. The aim is to spread positive, ‘vivid’ vibes that ideally inspire you to live a cruelty-free life. Of course, nobody’s perfect but that’s okay! Every small change counts and I’m trying to make this change as easy for you as possible.

Let’s end this post with a quote that describes my understanding of veganism perfectly…

Being VEGAN means…

I’m not perfect, but

I’m trying the best

I can to cause the

least harm.

Monique xx