Being Vegan on a Cruise | Tips and Tricks

Being Vegan on a Cruise | Tips and Tricks

I’m finally blogging again and it feels sooo good! I’ve been thinking about posting something for a while now but wasn’t sure what to start with. As I’ve been on a cruise in May and haven’t spoken about it since I thought that might be a good start. So enjoy my tips and tricks on being vegan on a cruise.


Tips and Tricks for being VEGAN on a Cruise


1) Do your research

First of all, before you book your cruise you can easily look up how well the ship can cater for your dietary requirements. Usually they all have a Q&A section on their homepage where you can find the answer to that. So if they mention they cater for a vegan diet, perfect! But you still might want to have a look at a sample menu that you can often find on the homepage as well. Like this you get an impression of what ‘accidentally vegan’ food they might offer and if they maybe even have a vegan menu.

You can find an example on the Marella Cruise homepage, the cruise I went on! When I booked the cruise back in April they clearly mentioned they would cater for a vegan diet but apparently that has now changed, what a shame!


2) Let the company know in advance

After doing your research and knowing which company you want to book your cruise with it’s time to actually book it, yay! However, in all that excitement you shouldn’t forget to mention that you’re vegan during the booking progress. If you let them know as early as possible they have time to get prepared. Usually the restaurants and buffets on the ship offer soy milk but maybe there are lots of vegans on this cruise so they need more than usual? Or you prefer almond milk above soy milk?

If you let them know early enough you have good chances they’ll fulfill your wishes. Let’s be honest, cruises are pretty expensive so they better do, haha!


3) Talk to waiters and chefs

On your first day of the cruise you usually go for dinner on the ship, either at the restaurant or the buffet. That’s when you should use your chance to talk to a waiter about your diet. They can help you with your food choices and often know which meals are vegan-friendly.

Often they also let you talk to the chefs which I find really helpful. Then the chefs can tell you what vegan meals they can cook for you and you often even have a choice between a few meals! When I let the chef on our cruise know that I am vegan I always got the menu for the next day send to our cabin beforehand. Usually you only see the menu on the day they offer it. They tolk me I could write down notes of what I want to eat the next day and they’ll try to make it happen.

This was suuuper helpful because I was able to ‘veganise’ a vegetarian meal. One night I literally wrote down ‘If you can make meal x vegan I’ll have that, otherwise everything vegan will do’ and the chaf just made up a whole new meal that wasn’t on the menu at all!


Vegan on a Cruise

3) Ask, ask, ask

My last tip for being vegan on a cruise is to ask around A LOT. I’ve made the experience that the vegan food on the ship is not labelled, they only use labeling for vegetarian food. That means I had to ask the staff quite often but everyone was very helpful, they asked the chefs and when they came to me they showed me every single vegan item at the buffet. After a few days, it repeated itself so I knew and didn’t have to ask again.

The same works for things like soy milk. The cruise I went on had soy milk but it was in the fridge in the kitchen so I had to ask a waiter for the milk and they were happy to get it for me every morning. Another example, often cruises have vegetarian and vegan sausages on board for an English breakfast but you need to ask someone to prepare them for you. Apparently the demand is too small to make some anyway. Let’s see the positive side, they’re always hot and freshly prepared just for you!


There we go, these are my three tips for being vegan on as cruise! I hope these tips were helpful for you, even if you’re going on a holiday in a hotel I’m sure you can use some of these tips. If you are interested in some general travel tips as a vegan you can also check out my YouTube video where I talk about traveling as a vegan, here.

So now all I can do is ask you.. Have you been on a cruise before and how was your experience as a vegan?

Monique xx

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