English Things I Find Weird Part 1

English Things I Find Weird Part 1

Hello again!

Yes, my heading “English Things I Find Sound Weird” may sound a bit offensive but that’s not my intetion, I promise! I’ve been to England a few times now and I live in Germany so I want to talk about some of the cultural differences between England and Germany.

First: Let me know what you find weird about Germany or England!


Stand left on escalators

That is one of the things you recognise as soon as you enter England. NEVER stand on the left side of the escalators! Let’s be honest: That definitley makes sense.

When your’re in a German tube station everything you see is chaos. In England everything seems to be really organised, what I absolutely love. You can stand on the escalators and relax, but if you’re in a hurry, just walk along the left side. That would be impossible in Germany!


Don’t make eye contact

For me this point is a bit weird. Especially because I’m from a small German village, I guess. Here, everyone is really friendly and starts talking to you in a supermarket or on the bus (no, we don’t have tubes where I live). And when you’re not starting a conversation you defenetly smile friendly.

In London no one looks at you. Speaking to each other is even worse! Of course, when you ask a stranger for the next tube station most of the people will help you but they usually try to have a super short conversation.


Two taps of water

English sinks are the worst! Honestly, why do you have one tap with freezing cold and one tap with boiling hot water?! That makes no sense. I burned myself a lot of times when I wanted to wash my hands. But I’m slowly getting used to it.

In Germany we usually have one tap with hot and cold water combined so you can find the perfect temperature for you. I highly reccomend that for English houses as well.


Okay, enough complained for today, we shoudn’t forget that I always enjoy my time in England! Of coure, some of the English things are weird but I know that German things can be weird as well.

I’m sure I’ll make another post about weird German things soon.


See you soon,

Monique xx


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