Find me on YouTube

Find me on YouTube

It’s time to start some of my projects for 2018! And that’s why you can find me on YouTube from now on πŸ™‚ I’ve been wanting to start a channel for aaages now and I’m finally doing it.

I can’t even explain how scary but also exciting it is.. Scary because I can’t stop thinking about what other people might say about me and exciting because I’m finally doing it after putting it off again and again. And even though I’m worried about the negative things other people might say I’m also really curious about the positive things people might say.

Sounds confusing? Well, that’s exactly how it feels!


Why YouTube?

Well, that’s a good question. I’ve always wanted to start YouTube but I always found some ‘good reasons’ why not to do it. Either I told myself I was too busy or I was worried about what other people might think of me. Now I’ve decided to stop procrastinating and to just do it! Ideally, I would prepare everything for ages until it’s perfect but that doesn’t really work so I’m just doing it anyway!

It still feels very weird talking to a camera but I’m really enjoying working on it and I can already tell I’m slowly getting used to it.

I’ve ordered some fancy lights (softboxes) so I can’t use bad lighting as an excuse anymore and just gave it a try. And what should I say? I know my first attempts aren’t perfect BUT I’m still happy with them, they turned out better than I expected.

To be fair, I filmed the trailer several times so if you’re ever thinking about starting YouTube yourself, do it and keep trying, you’ll get there!


Why a new Name?

As you can probably tell, I’ve changed my name from MoniquesEverydayAdventures to TheVividVegan on all social media accounts. There are two main reasons for that:

Firstly, the old name was simply too long.

Secondly, I couldn’t identify with the name any longer. It was too broad and didn’t really tell you what this blog and my YouTube channel are about. I want to spread positive vegan vibes so I find TheVividVegan fits way better.

MoniquesEverydayAdventures started out as a blog about living abroad and talking about all the small adventures and excitements that come with it. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to talk about these things but I want to focus on sharing my experiences with veganism and living a conscious life.


Types of Videos you can find on my Channel

Okay, let’s get into it a bit more. My aim is to inspire you to live a more conscious lifestyle, either if I can just motivate you to try going vegan for a while or to try meatless Mondays. Every small change you make matters and I would love to read about all of them so keep me updated!

There are some videos that help and inspire me so I want to make these myself. The videos I enjoy watching most are ‘What I eat in a day’ so I want to film many of these, too. Apart from just showing you what I eat I also want to take you along with me when going out. Sometimes it’s hard to just describe experiences in a blog post so I’ll film it to make it more interesting.

Another thing that will hopefully help you find vegan food easier are videos about ‘accidentally vegan’ things. These are the ones that don’t tell you they are vegan on the packaging but they are. Like Bourbons or Walker’s Salt and Vinegar Crisps, for example. There are sooo many things that are actually vegan but you would never expect it so knowing about these made my life a LOT easier!


Last but not least, let me know what would help you make more conscious decisions and I’ll see if I can write more about it!


Monique xx



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  • Great idea to have a YouTube channel – video is a fun way of engaging with your community and sharing your knowledge. I will check it out!

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