Five Date Ideas for Couples | Part 2

Five Date Ideas for Couples | Part 2

A while ago I uploaded a blogpost with some date ideas for couples and you really seemed to enjoy them so I think it’s time for part 2!

Five Date Ideas For Couples

Plan your next Holiday

Who doesn’t love to plan a holiday? Obviously, if you want to, you can be serious and plan a holiday in the future but I also love planning super unrealistic things I’ll probably never do. So why not plan your next holiday on the Maldives in a 5 * Hotel? I promise you, you’ll have lots of fun together and the bonus: You get to know your partner even better!

Oh, by the way, the featured image is actually us on a holiday. Well, kind of, we visited my parents in Germany. I guess that counts.

Have a Picnic

Yep, that sounds quite boring and stereotypical but why not surprise your other half with a romantic picnic while watching the sunset. Just pack a backpack with nice little snacks and drinks and you’re ready for a picnic.Β  Maybe bring an extra blanket in case it gets cold.

Show each other what you’re passionate about

He loves football but you’re absolutely not into it? Just try to join him at a match of his favourite team. Maybe you’ll understand his passion a bit more afterwards. But keep it fair, he should also join you when you’re doing the things you love. I forced my boyfriend to go horseriding with me and I think he even kind of enjoyed it. πŸ˜€

Go Brunching

You often hear the rumours that only old people go brunching but that’s a lie. It’s the best thing in the world and if it would be cheaper I would to it all the time!

There’s something about brunching that is more special than a dinner at a restaurant. I can’t really explain though. I think it’s about waking up together in the morning and going there together to start the day with something different than usual. Going to a restaurant is often something you do at the start of your relationship when you first start dating each other.

36 Questions that make you fall in Love

Ok, when you’re looking for date ideas for couples you hopefully are already in love with your other half. But even if you’re already in love it can be so much fun asking and answering these questions. You can be sure you’ll have endless discussions about random topics! My boyfriend and I did the whole thing and we had so much fun.


Soooo, I hope you find some of these dating ideas helpful! Let me know what you always enjoy doing with your partner. <3

Unfortunately, there are no pictures in this post but I prefer not to take pictures of Connor and me going on a date, I’m sure you understand. πŸ˜€ If you fancy reading posts with more pictures don’t forget to subscribe!

Monique xx


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