My Goals For 2018

My Goals For 2018

New year, new goals. I feel like nearly every blogger writes up their new years resolutions and I don’t want to miss out 😉 By putting my goals out here I somehow feel more motivated to actually achieve them. Let me know how realistic my goals for 2018 are and if you have similar ones!


Goals for 2018

I’ve split up my goals into two personal and two blogging related goals, I didn’t want to write up too many. Writing down tons of goals makes me feel uncomfortable as it puts me under too much pressure and fewer goals feel more achievable I guess.


Personal Goals


Good Grades At Uni

I’m now in my second semester and so far I’m actually quite happy with my grades. That definitely surprised me as I thought I would struggle with writing essays in English and things like that but it turns out my biggest issue is procrastinating.

Have you got any good tips on how to overcome this ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ thinking? If yes, I need to know! I’m trying my hardest to get my work done early but often I need to do it more or less last minute. There are so many other things to do.. looking after my social media, blogging, even cleaning the house!



I don’t want to put down ‘lose weight’ as a goal as it’s a very general thing to say, Yes, ‘exercise’ isn’t much more specific put I’m trying to figure out what kind of exercise I would like to get into. Going to the gym just seems quite boring and repetitive.

At the moment I’m quite interested in yoga, it’s really relaxing and there are so many videos online that show you how to do it. Otherwise, my exercise interests are rather unrealistic here in London when you’re on a budget. I would love to start horse riding again but that might have to wait for a while.. So yoga it is for now!

It’s probably a silly question, but does yoga count as exercise?


Step Up the Social Media Game


Collaborate with Brands

Let’s get into my ‘business’ goals. Blogging-related I feel really inspired at the moment and I’m typing posts like crazy. My plan is to post consistently from now on, hopefully I’ll make it this time. 😀 Last year I had the same goal but starting uni distracted me a lot so now I’m getting back into it. Well, I’m trying my best!

One very big goal for me is to collaborate with brands I like as soon as I’ve got into a good routine on here. There’s one thing planned already so keep an eye open for a little giveaway soon!

I definitely don’t just want to make money, my aim is to show you the brands I love and show you that a vegan lifestyle can be affordable and uncomplicated.


Starting YouTube

This one feels very personal to share which is silly as a public YouTube channel wouldn’t be personal at all. I’ve been thinking about starting a channel for a very long time now but I’m worried about not being good enough.

What would people, especially friends and family, think of me? I shouldn’t care but for some reason I do. What would I like to film? The ideas are slowly transforming into a proper plan and I’ve already ordered some fancy lighting so I don’t have any excuses anymore.

Would you watch my videos? And what would you like to see?


These are my four main goals for 2018, let’s see how I’m getting on with them! I’ll keep you updated..


Monique xx

3 thoughts on “My Goals For 2018”

  • Hey Monique, I am also.putting exercising on my list of resolutions for the new year. I swear, reading about your Youtube Channel part sounds like I wrote it…that’s how I still feel about my blog. I prefer sharing it with people I don’t know than my friends and family. I actually created a Youtube Channel three months ago when I started my blog, but I havent up loaded any videos because I feel it won’t be good enough. I will give it a try anyway because I felt the same way about my blog but the feedback I am getting is just amazing! Just go for it! I will watch your videos if you do some of beauty tips etc

  • Goodluck for 2018! Hope you succeed your goals 😀 Personally, I started a YouTube channel in 2017 but stopped because of all the drama, competition and pretty much focusing more on my blog and school. Hope you do well for your channel!

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