I moved to London!

I moved to London!

Yes, it’s true, I moved to London a few weeks ago! That’s also the reason why I haven’t posted for ages, sorry!

I was suuuuper busy with packing, leaving my old flat, getting used to living in a foreign country, things like that. But it looks like everything is sorted out and I have some time to write new posts. Finally!

To be honest, I still can’t believe that I’m sitting in my own room here in London while I’m typing this, it’s so surreal.


What am I doing here?

At the moment I’m doing an au pair and in September I’ll start studying again. I always wanted to do a year abroad in the UK but I decided to do the whole course here, not just a term.

Why? Well, there are many reasons. One of them is that my university in Germany only had a cooperation with an university in Poland (you need to know that my uni in Germany was tiny) but I wanted study in an English speaking country. So there was no opportunity for me to go abroad with my universitys help.

That’s where I started looking for a ‘whole’ course in England (I decided to stay in the EU for my studies so I don’t need a visa). I wanted to make sure I’m able to study in English so I decided to go to London for a holiday so I could test my English skills and meet locals.

And what should I say? I instantly fell in love with this city! But not just with the city, I even met my boyfriend here in London. If you’re interested in our story check out the post How Tinder Can Be Useful. Of course, he’s not the only reason why I moved here but let’s be honest, it has many adventages to live in the same country.


I already got used to the English weather! πŸ˜€

I’m doing an au pair!

At the moment I’m staying with a lovely host family in a smaller town near London. I look after 3 kids, 1 teenager and 2 younger kids, they still go to primary school. I just arrived a week ago but I think the family is great! Of course, sometimes it can be a bit difficult if the children want to test you and everything but that’s normal I think. But I’ll keep you updated about how it goes!

If everyting works out well I’ll stay with the family till September. Till then I want to join a gym, I still need to loose some pounds! (New Years Resolutions)


The next steps

Well, after my au pair I’ll start my course at the London Metropolitan University. I’ve already visited the campus I’ll go to and it’s sooo pretty! Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures because I was so nervous but I’ll go to an open day soon so I have another opportunity to take pictures.

The campus is in such a pretty area and I alredy discovered many amazing looking restaurants nearby. Perfect for a foodie like me!

Also I still need to think about where I want to live. In an accomodation, an appartment or maybe a shared flat? At least I know where I don’t want to live, you can share a room in the student accomodation and that’s something I couldn’t do. I’m happy with sharing a flat but I don’t want to sleep in a room with strangers.

And who knows, maybe I’ll even share a flat with my boyfriend?!


Okay, that’s it for today because I don’t want to bore you with too many details. Moving to London was a very big step for me, did you ever made a similar decision? Let me know!


Monique xx

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