I’m Going to Stop Drinking Coffee

I’m Going to Stop Drinking Coffee

What am I getting myself into?! A long time ago I absolutely hated coffee and now it’s like I can’t live without it anymore.. So I think now is the right time to stop drinking coffee, more specific caffeine. Let’s be honest, I now actually like the taste of it so I am still allowing myself to have a decaf version from time to time.

Why do I want to stop drinking Coffee?

Where do I even start? In the thumbnail you can see my ‘I’m happy because I just got a coffee’ face but I want to make this happy face about so many things, not just coffee. I’m at the point where my morning can only start after I’ve had a coffee. And even though it wakes me up I can tell it’s not good for me. It makes me feel really restless and nervous so why would I keep doing that to myself?

I also regularly get really bad headaches and I’ve read on several platforms that coffee (or the withdraw symptoms of not having it) can cause those. So I should go through a period with lots of headaches and when I’m not a coffee addict anymore they should hopefully be around a lot less!

I’ve looked into the benefits of quitting caffeine for a while now and to be honest, I couldn’t find a reason not to! A massive point for me is that I’ll stop spending so much money on Starbucks, Costa and Pret. I also have trouble sleeping most nights and hope that not having several coffees a day might help me sleep better again. Obviously, it won’t just fix my sleeping problem immediately but I’m hoping that it can help a little.

Not having a coffee in the morning makes me SO MOODY right now! Or when the caffeine after my midday coffee is wearing off.. You really don’t want to talk to me then! Especially when it’s one of those days where my coffee gives me a horrible tummy ache. I’m not sure why but something in the coffee seems to trigger IBS-like symptoms in me and I’m not enjoying it!

The Rules:

There’s just one rule really: NO CAFFEINE!

So no coffees, cokes or kombucha for me from now on (or energy drinks, but I’ve never had one in my life anyway). However, I will allow myself to have decaf coffee as that’s caffeine free and tastes nice. A chamomile tea in the morning would just put me to sleep, lets be honest, haha.

If you think this sounds like a challenge for you as well feel free to join me on my journey, together we can do it, haha! Make sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with any coffee updates in the future and to let me know how your coffee free experiment is going!

Or do you have another guilty pleasure you want to give up? Let me know!

Monique xx

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