My 2017 Highlights

My 2017 Highlights

I know, I know… It’s been a while. I can’t even tell you why, but I felt incredibly stressed and uninspired for a while. But suddenly it’s come back and I feel really good about blogging and social media at the moment. It’s 2018 now so I thought it would be nice to tell you about my personal highlights in 2017, enjoy!

One of my 2017 highlights has something to do with the featured picture of this post, it’s not just a random one, lol. You’ll find out about it further down in the post. πŸ™‚


Moving To London

Let’s start at the beginning. I was in Uni in Germany but I felt like mixing things up a little. Ok, there’s way more to it than that but the whole story would be way too long, if you’re interested in it I can write a post about it though, let me know!

So at the end of February I moved to London! As some of you might now, I’ve been an au pair first, you can read about the things I learned from it here . But then in August I finally moved in with my boyfriend Connor!

Honestly, living with him makes me so incredibly happy and even though some people thought we were making a mistake as it was ‘too early’, I know we’ve made the right decision. We live in a tiny flat in north London but still fairly close to the centre. It’s such a good feeling to come home after work or uni knowing that someone’s waiting for you (Gosh, I sound soooo cheesy, sorry for that!).


Going Vegan

When I first started thinking about going vegan I thought I could never do it. I would miss cheese so much! And what about all the crisps and sweets?! Well, I’ve been vegan for about eight months now and I can promise you, I don’t miss anything.

However, it was obviously a big change for me. Although I’ve been vegetarian for years (Mostly vegetarian, I sometimes had a bit of meat at home when my mum said she bought it from the farm next door. Now I know that it was silly but again, that’s a different story.) I didn’t believe in myself at first so I set the target to be vegan for 1 week. Somehow it was way easier than I thought and didn’t stop after that week.

I would never pretend I’m a perfect vegan but the transition definitely changed how I see the world and how I see myself now. The decisions I make are now more thought out (well, I hope at least) and my whole body feels better.


The Transition to being Vegan

First, I didn’t know about supplements and felt exhausted even after a day of doing nothing. After reading more about veganism and watching many videos I realised that it was probably the lack of Vitamin D and B12. I started to supplement these 2 and started feeling so much better!

I also need to confess that I’m not a very healthy vegan, I just like my chocolate and crisps and I can’t say no to a burger! All vegan of course. But even though I haven’t counted any calories or tried to eat healthily I lost about 7kg! I couldn’t believe it at first and thought the scale was wrong, so I got on a second one and it said the same. When we flew to Germany to see my family at the end of the year, one of the first things my family asked was if I had lost weight.

It shouldn’t be all about this but I felt so good and I even was a bit proud of myself. I’ve tried to lose weight for so long and now I’m ‘accidentally’ doing it though being vegan, how great is that!


Wedding in Turkey

In early September Connor and I flew to Turkey to go to a wedding. We stayed over for nearly two weeks to have a holiday there, too. We had such a great time there! I even got a bit of a tan, lol. That usually never happens. You can read more about the hotel we stayed in for the wedding here and I’ve also written a post about what I ate over there.

Below you can see some pictures I took that day but I don’t want to share too many or any faces as the couple and the friends prefer to stay anonymous. It was a really lovely wedding at the beach. Unfortunately this was the wirst wedding I’ve ever been to so now I’ve got really high expectations for any future weddings! πŸ˜€


First Christmas in England

This is a big one. Christmas in England is very different to Christmas in Germany, we even celebrate on a different day! I’ve never spent Christmas with people other than my own family so I was quite nervous about this at first because I thought I would miss everyone too much. But then I realised that I’ve got Connor and that his relatives treat me like I’m part of family. Slowly I felt more and more comfortable with the thought of spending Christmas in England and was really excited.

The traditions are so different and the experience was absolutely amazing. Unwrapping the gifts at 7 in the morning is definitely a change! I’m used to unwrapping gifts on the 24th in the evening. But having a Christmas Dinner with Christmas Crackers was great. The German one doesn’t have that much to offer for vegans but the English one is really easy to have.

Everyone else had turkey, the only thing I couldn’t have but I had a pie instead. The roast potatoes were cooked in vegetable fat so weren’t a problem for me, even the Christmas Pudding was vegan. I’ll be honest here, I don’t like it at all! And mince pies are not really my thing either, sorry! I prefer the German Christmas sweets such as Lebkuchen and Spekulatius.


Wow, this turned out longer than I thought! Hopefully, you made it to the end!

I would love to read about some of your personal 2017 highlights so let me know in the comments!


Monique xx

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