My Favourite Vegan Sweets

My Favourite Vegan Sweets

One of my favourite things to do? Right, snacking! So it’s time to share some of my favourite vegan sweets with you.

When I first became vegan I thought I’d have to give up many of my favourite snacks and sweets but after reading a lot and watching lots of YouTube videos I realised I can eat way more than I expected! Yaaay!

My favourite vegan sweets

So, this won’t be a healthy snack post kinda thing, I’m talking about chocolate, gummy bears and all those bad but delicious treats. There’ll be another post for healthy snacks soon though! 🙂

If you’re like me you’d also like these suuuper delicious vegan brownies, go and check them out! They’re super easy to make and perfect if you fancy something sweet and chocolatey


My Favourite Vegan Sweets


Probably one of the most known biscuit, right? Have you ever had a look at the packaging? No? You should. 😉 One of the most obvious things on it is the glass full of milk which makes me think the filling between the two biscuits contains lots of milk. Surprise, it doesn’t! Oreos are vegan!

And everyone loves a good old Oreo, don’t they?!

My favourite vegan sweets


Cadbury Bournville Dark Chocolate

I think it’s not a secret that every dark chocolate is vegan. But if you really crave a sweet, more milk chocolatey kind of chocolate I can definitely recommend the Cadbury Bournville. It’s not as bitter as most of the dark chocolate as it only contains 39% cocoa. So it’s not actually a proper dark chocolate but more a vegan milk chocolate kind of thing.


Lindt Dark Chocolate

When I don’t fancy something super sweet I just stick with the usual dark chocolate. Anyone who’s known me for a while knows that Lindt is my absolute favourite when it comes to chocolate. Lindt even sells different types of dark chocolate bars so there’s something for everyone!

The best treats for me are the dark chocolate Santas and Easter Bunnies! 🙂

My favourite vegan sweets



Who expected Starburst to be vegan? Well, I didn’t. I was absolutely sure they were made out of gelatine but great news, apparently they’re not! Especially when I fancy something a bit more fruity they are my go to’s.

Do you have a favourite flavour? I only eat the orange and lime flavoured ones so my boyfriend has to eat all the other ones. :p


Alright, that’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and got some inspiration for some vegan sweets. Even if you’re not vegan, I’m sure you’ll like these sweets anyway!

As I’m still quite new to being vegan I always love to hear about others. So do you have different favourites than me?

Monique xx



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