Plant Kitchen Review | New M&S Vegan Range

Plant Kitchen Review | New M&S Vegan Range

Yass, M&S have joined the Vegan Game! Until very recently there was only very little choice for vegans in M&S but they now have come out with a MASSIVE new range, Plant Kitchen, wohoo! So I obviously had to visit the nearest branch to try some vegan goodies and I thought: Why not write up a little review to help you out when deciding what Plant Kitchen Products to go for?!

So let’s just get started with this, shall we?!

Mushroom Pie

The mushroom pie was the first thing we tried out of the Plant Kitchen Range. Firstly I thought ‘wow, the pie is a lot bigger than I expected’ which is obviously a good sign!

We had the pie with mashed potatoes, veg and gravy and I believe that that’s a pretty good combo. But let’s talk about the taste of the pie, shall we? I’ll start with the outside, the pastry. There’s not much I can say about it apart from it’s very nice and crispy so it’s all good.

The filling seemed a little funny tasting to me at first but after several bites I kind of ‘got used’ to the taste and really enjoyed it. After dinner I checked the ingredients and the pie has three different types of mushrooms in the filling, two of which I’ve never had before. That explains me finding the filling funny tasting at first. Connor enjoyed the pie right away btw, looks like I’m just a bit sensitive to different mushrooms, lol!

So I can say the pie is a very good and affordable (compared to other brands) option for dinner that I would definitely have again!

Plant Kitchen Review

Margarita and BBQ Jackfruit Pizza

Pizza is definitely one of my weaknesses! I LOVE a good pizza and I’m SO tired of ordering a pizza with no cheese. So these pizzas came just at the right time for me! The pizzas aren’t massive but they have a good size for one portion; they filled us up but we didn’t feel like we overate. The pizzas are around Β£3.50 which I think is fair if you consider that other vegan pizzas are often more expensive or have less toppings.

So let’s talk about the BBQ Jackfruit Pizza first. I probably should have read the label a bit more as I am not a friend of BBQ-ey things, lol! So for me the pizza was too ‘smokey’ but Connor loved it for that reason. If you’re a fan of Smokey BBQ flavours you’ll love it.

Plant Kitchen Review
The Pizza Margarita with Cauliflower Cheese πŸ™‚

I much more preferred the Pizza Margarita (even though the name ‘Margarita’ might be debatable here). For me, Margarita Pizza means it’s a pizza with tomato sauce and cheese. However, this pizza is also topped with spinach and slow roasted tomatoes. And I’m IN LOVE with this pizza already! So far the best one I’ve had, even better than the ones I had in restaurants. The slow roasted tomatoes adds some juiciness to it that takes this pizza to a new level.

Dirty Fries

Okay, let’s be honest, when I first looked at them in the packaging the fries didn’t look very appealing. I was quite skeptical as it just looked like a big unappealing mess in a box. After being in the oven that has changed though, they then looked a lot nicer and you can’t imagine how dreamy they smell!

When putting the looks aside, these Dirty Fries taste AMAZING! They are topped with the perfect amount of sauce and cheese and the fries are nice and thick and are spiced so so well. As a side I think these are just perfect!

Plant Kitchen Review
The super nice and crispy Cauliflower Popcorn

Cauliflower Popcorn

These ones are really hard to describe, lol! I think the popcorn tastes nice but not of that much, they’re quite bland to be honest. The chili sauce they some with however is so so tasty and gives the popcorn a nice twist. Even though it’s a chili sauce it’s not too spicy, it’s quite sweet I think. Connor said that it was his least favorite option out of the options I have bought so far from the Plant Kitchen Range.

So, now I need to know from you what you have enjoyed most from the Plant Kitchen Range so I can try it next! I have really enjoyed the new options so far and one thing I can’t wait to try is the Potato Salad, one of my faves before I went vegan!

Monique xx

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