Meet Slab Fudge

Meet Slab Fudge

Let’s be real, everyone likes a bit of fudge, right?! Well, I do anyway. After not having fudge for a few years these goodies were just incredible! Before we get into this, this is not a sponsored post, I purchased the slab fudge myself but was so positively surprised and wanted to post about it!

Why Slab Fudge?

Slab is a small UK based business and, obviously, offers loads of fudges (is that the plural of fudge?!). They actually have a shop on the Isle of Wight but also send their fudge straight to you if you’re not around.

So apart from supporting a business from the UK I also believe that it is a great thing to support small businesses rather than the big ‘mainstream’ companies. Another thing I really like is that they offer a huge range of fudge, dairy and non-dairy options. Usually you end up paying extra just for the word ‘vegan’ but here the fudge costs the same to the dairy option!

Their non-dairy fudge is made from Coconut Cream which luckily isn’t too overpowering. So when eating the fudge it doesn’t taste of coconut too much! Fun fact, I don’t like coconut that much and when I tried the fudge I had no idea it was on a coconut base. So for me that was great and I ended up getting 4 different flavors.
As the name of my blog already says, I’m a vegan so all the slabs I’m talking about below are the vegan options πŸ™‚

To have a look at the fudge check out Slab’s website! πŸ™‚

Slab. Fudge
The Sea Salted Caramel Fudge in the Blue Bowl πŸ™‚

Classic Vegan Fudge

Well, what can I say about the classic fudge? It’s sweet, crumbly and fudgy, haha! And as the fudge I bought is dairy-free you can also taste a hint of coconut. Just yum, a must try! The coconut taste isn’t too overpowering, it’s just a subtle hint.
I guess this is a flavour you can’t go wrong with and always tastes good if you fancy something sweet.

Sea Salted Caramel

The salted caramel Slab was very close to being my favourite! Very sweet with a little hint of salt, a great combo. The Slab had some sea salt crystals inside so with some bites you get a hint of salt and with some you might not which, in my opinion makes it even better! Just like the others it is really creamy and when keeping it in the fridge it is nice and firm, yum!

Raspberry and Coconut

Out of the four Slabs I bought this one was (unsurprisingly) my least favourite. I expected that though as I don’t really like coconut or fruity fudge. However, I knew Connor would like it so I bought this Slab for him and he’s a big fan!
This Slab is a bit softer than the others, not sure why so we keep it in the fridge and it stays nice and firm.

This one tastes a lot more of coconut so it was just a bit too much for me, the other ones tasted way less of it so were much better for me!

Choc Toffee

Now last but not least Choc Toffee Fudge, my favourite! I don’t even have words for this one, it’s just too nice. It’s basically a toffee slab with with chocolate fudge swirls. Even thinking about it makes me dribble a bit, lol! The two flavours combined are an absolute dream and the slab even had little chocolate buttons on top!

This slab does not just taste heavenly, it also looks incredibly pretty! Not that looks massively matter when it comes to sweets but it’s a nice bonus for when you take pictures for the gram πŸ˜‰

Okay, let’s wrap this up, one can only talk so much about fudge! In case you don’t already know by now, if have a sweet tooth and look for a dairy free fudge slab it the one. When trying them make sure to let me know how you find them and which one’s your fave!

Lots of love,
Monique xx

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