Snapshots of Edinburgh

Snapshots of Edinburgh

Royal Botanical Gardens

My boyfriend and I spent a great time in the Royal Botanical Gardens. I kind of forced him to take tons of pictures of me so I think I should share some of them with you. I’m not really into flower and plants but the stuff you can see there is amazing! You also get a great view over Edinburgh including Edinburgh Castle.

I’m not so obsessed with flowers but Connor is, so feel free t have a look at his blog as well, there you can find many great pictures and posts!



National Museum of Scotland

The first gallery is full of pictures from the National Museum of Scotland. In case you go there definitely check out the rooftop terrace, especially when it’s sunny it is absolutely beautiful!



The Rest of Edinburgh

Last but not least I’ve got some random shots for you. Obviously I’m showing you a guy with a bagpipe, so typical for Scotland!

We also found Tom Riddle’s grave and the CafΓ© where J. K. Rowling started writing Harry Potter! Unfortunately the pictures of it don’t look very good so I decided not to share them. But if you’re ever in Edinburgh and you’re a Potterhead make sure to check it out!



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Monique xx

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