Mini Superdrug Haul | Vegan

Mini Superdrug Haul | Vegan

I’ve never posted a haul before because usually the things I buy don’t seem very interesting. But since becoming vegan I’m always asking myself what I can still buy and whats not vegan or cruelty-free. So I thought sharing these few bits with you might be helpful for some of you. Even if you’re not vegan, deciding to buy just 1 single vegan and cruelty-free item instead of the non-vegan version is a change! Let’s get started with my first ever mini vegan and cruelty-free Superdrug Haul 🙂

Just to let you know, I’m NOT using affiliate links, I just wanted to make it easy for you finding the products 🙂

Mini Superdrug Haul

Original Source Shower Gel

These 2 shower gels are so different! The mango one obviously smells of mango but in a very, very good and intense way. When Connor uses it I can always smell it hours after he’s had a shower! 😀

The mint and tea-tree one is a bit funny if that’s a word to describe a shower gel. Let me put it like this, it definitely wakes you up in the morning. The smell is very strong and minty (surprise!) and even though you’re having a hot shower it’ll feel like you’re suddenly switched the water to ice cold! Don’t believe me? Give it a try and let me know if you felt it, too!

Superdrug Haul Vegan and Cruelty-free

Batiste Dry-Shampoo

A women’s must have: Dry shampoo! I tried the Batiste Original Dry-Shampoo before but I definitely prefer the smell of this one, it’s really light and female (if that makes sense?! Maybe I should describe the smell as rose gold like the label says, lol) It’s easy to use, just spray it onto your hair, wait and brush your hair, done!

Superdrug Haul Vegan and Cruelty-free

Superdrug’s Whitening Toothpaste

Well, I guess everyone needs toothpaste. This time I decided to go for the Superdrug’s own brand whitening one. I’ve tried other ones from the superdrug series before and liked them but I want to try all of them before I decide which one’s my favourite. It’s so easy (and cheap!) to go for one of these instead of buying the expensive brands which use powdered shells (not vegan) or other things in ther toothpastes (for whitening).

Superdrug Haul Vegan and Cruelty-free

Superdrug’s Deodorant

That’s probably another thing everyone uses. I got into the habit of using rollers instead of sprays because I’ve got quite sensitive skin and rollers work out better for me. This one smells absolutely lovely! It’s a light rosey and peachy smell which makes me want to sniff my armpit all the time. 😀

Superdrug Haul Vegan and Cruelty-free

So, this was my first ever haul, how did you like it? Let me know if you enjoyed it and if you would like to read more posts like that. I’ve already planned to do a Lush and The Body Shop Haul at some point!

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