The Yacht Classic Hotel | Fethiye

The Yacht Classic Hotel | Fethiye

So, it looks like I’ve been invited to a wedding in Turkey! Not just that but Connor and I also stayed in the hotel where the couple got married and OMG, it’s the fanciest hotel I’ve ever seen! That’s why I’ve decided to write a separate post about it. I already uploaded a ‘what I eat on holiday‘ so have a look at that one too, if you like.

I wish this would be a sponsored post but it isn’t, just to let you know. πŸ˜€ We stayed at the Yacht Classic Hotel in Fethiye, Turkey. It’s a small but very, very nice hotel at the seafront of Fethiye.

The Yacht Classic Hotel, Fethiye

Our Room

We were sooo incredibly lucky! The husband and wife to be booked a room for us without knowing how it actually looked like. And what should I say? It was flipping amazing! We had our own massive balcony with private sunbeds. But not just that, we even had our own hot tub! Afterwards we found out that they had booked the Deluxe Room for us without them realising. Good for us! πŸ˜‰

The room was pretty big for a hotel room and had a lot of details I really liked. And we had a coffee machine there, perfect for me as a coffee addict! The cute little makeup table with a big and very pretty mirror was my favourite place in the room!

Water Villa

The newlyweds stayed in a ‘Water Villa’. I don’t even know how to describe it! They had their own terrace with direct pool access (yes, they had their own pool!) and a hot tub. But they didn’t just have any pool, no, they had an infinity-pool! I obviously had to use the opportunity to pose in there. πŸ˜€

Because it was their room I obviously didn’t take that many pictures, that would have been a bit weird, I’m sure you understand.

Breakfast Buffet

Having an Intercontinental Breakfast Buffet is usually quite a challenge for me. They often have a lot of cheese and meat and I can only have my white bread with jam. Not the Yacht Classic. Obviously, they offered a lot of non-vegan food which also looked very good but they had great vegan options, too!

I totally forgot to take pictures of the non-vegan food because I wouldn’t eat it anyway but I took some of the vegan options. They had a big variety of fruit and veg, they even had 5 different kinds of olives.

The only thing they didn’t have was vegan milk but I didn’t expect that to be honest. Veganism isn’t popular in Turkey so I just brought my own soya milk for my coffee. Thanks to that I also had an oatmeal with fresh figs, sooo yum! I’d never had figs before and I always expected them to taste weird but they were very sweet and added a nice twist to it.

Apart from that I was absolutely amazed that they had proper brown bread (The thing I miss most in England). So I literally had half a loaf with different kinds of jam because I haven’t had it for ages. πŸ˜€

Pool and Swim-up-bar

Last but not least I just have to show you this amazing swim-up-bar! I’ve never seen one before and trust me, it’s so many times better to sit there instead of a normal bar. We could even order food, which we obviously did. I mean, who doesn’t want to eat while they’re literally sitting in the pool?!

I really hope you enjoyed this kind of post, let me know if you did! πŸ™‚

As I’m very adventurous and love to travel also let me know the best hotel you’ve ever stayed in! Maybe I can use it as some inspiration.

Monique xx

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