Things We Should Say More Often

Things We Should Say More Often

Today’s post will be a little bit different. It feels like nowadays you can’t say whatever you like anymore. When someone asks you how you feel you say ‘fine’ even when you’re feeling miserable. So today I’m writing about things we should say more often.

Things we should say more often

I need help

Everyone always tells us to be more independent. If possible we should do everything without any help. Why? Because we’re strong women! Yes, I am a strong woman but I still think it is absolutely okay to ask for help. It feels like nowadays we always have to be strong and it is not okay to show any weaknesses but I think we can’t ALWAYS be strong, sometimes everyone needs some help and it should be more accepted to just ask for it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s because you’re too clumsy to put your new IKEA desk together or because you’re not feeling good and you need some support to get out of it again. And if I’m not able to open the jar of gherkins then yes, I’ll ask my boyfriend to open it for me.

Asking for help can make your life so much easier! Even if it is only asking for the right way when you got lost.

I’m beautiful the way I am

Okay, that’s a tricky one. Why is it so hard to accept yourself? Unfortunately, I still haven’t found the answer. But I’m slowly getting better at thinking positive about myself.

You stand in front of your mirror and you think that your skin is too spotty, your bum’s too big, your boobs are too small. You need to stop this! It took me a very, very long time to understand that there’s something beautiful in every single person, including me. So you might not see it in yourself at the moment, but believe me, others do.

I’m very thankful for my great boyfriend. He brings out the best in me and helps me accept myself more and more. So if I can tell myself that I’m okay the way I am, then you can do it, too!

You don’t have to speak it out loud if you think it’s weird but try to say it to yourself in your mind from time to time and you’ll get used to it.

Things You Should Say More Often

Thank you

It feels like many people have stopped saying thank you. Not because they don’t want to but they think saying it is unnecessary because the other person knows they’re thankful. Well, they often don’t! And they would appreciate an honest ‘thank you’ a lot.

People should stop taking everything for granted and start appreciating the little things a bit more. Of course, I know that most of us do appreciate a lot but maybe we should all try to appreciate things a little more.

I can do it

I know, that’s kind of the opposite to ‘I need help’. But I’m not talking about doing everything on your own, I’m talking about challenging yourself and being confident about reaching your goal.

Let’s take me as an example. I never thought I would make it into university in England but I did it! I put so much effort in the whole application process to make it happen and I could have saved so much time with not being so worried all the time. Because when you work hard you’ll do it!


Today’s post is way longer than I expected but I guess you’re okay with it. I hope you enjoyed reading it and that you can make use of some of these things!

What do you think? What should we say more often?

Monique xx


3 thoughts on “Things We Should Say More Often”

  • I could not agree more with your post! We focus on the things we cannot do and being independent more than we focus on community and positivity. This was such a refreshingly positive post and a great reminder.

  • There are so much truth in here. We should express appreciation more often. It is important to be positive too. Our thoughts have a lot of power and we are not going to be able to move on if we are telling ourselves we cannot do things.

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