What I ate at Vegan Life Live 2019

What I ate at Vegan Life Live 2019

A few weeks ago I went to Vegan Life Live 2019 and just didn’t manage to write up a post about it, thanks uni! I’ve been so stressed out about assignments but finally found some time to show you what I’ve been up to that weekend.

What is Vegan Life Live?

So for the ones of you who have never heard of Vegan Life Live before, it is a vegan fair at Alexandra Palace in North London. They have a small food court, cooking shows and talks and lots of vegan exhibitors. This year they also had a big eco living zone with exhibitors offering products for a more sustainable lifestyle, aka zero waste and things like that.

What I ate


Let’s start with breakfast, shall we? The fair started at 10 in the morning and I didn’t have breakfast in the morning so finding some good brekkie was the first thing to do. I had so many goodies, I’m not even sure I can remember everything! There was so much good food that I was in a serious food coma, haha.

I quite fancied something sweet and was so happy to find Waffleland who offered sweet potato waffles with loads of different toppings. I chose strawberries, cashew butter and chocolate sauce, what a good decision! It was absolutely yummy but not the usual. The sweet potato waffle isn’t as sweet as ‘normal’ waffles but with the toppings it was a perfect balance, would buy again!

Vegan Life Live
Waffleland’s Sweet Potato Waffles


As I went for two days I had two lunches, yay! Friday I had a burger from Arancini Brothers which was quite an adventure, I didn’t even know what Arancinis were before that! For the ones of you who also don’t know, Arancinis are Risotto balls with lots of spices. The burger had one big Arancini patty rather than a small balls and was super tasty. Now I’m super keen to visit their restaurant to try more! Gosh, how many times can you say Arancini in a paragraph?!

The next day I had a ‘German’ Hot Dog from Pig Out with Sauerkraut, yum! I have a bit of a weakness for Sauerkraut so I went for that one but they also have an American Hot Dog with Mac and Cheese and a Mexican inspired Hot Dog that I really want to try next!

Vegan Life Live
I’m still drooling over these Hot Dogs..


One of the first things I bought was a ‘Notella’ cake from Vegan Sweet Tooth London which was an absolute dream! I hate the word but the cake was super moist and even contained beans for a healthy twists that you honestly couldn’t taste. They had so so many pretty cakes and I wanted to try even more but I was already full, lol. But have a look at some of the beauties below.

A highlight for me this Vegan Life Live was certainly Get Dappa‘s super creamy Soft Serve. I ordered the Merry Berry, Soft Serve with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and crunchy hazelnut bits. The ice cream is made out of cashews and almonds and tastes so good, almost praline like! The staff was also super fun and I just wanted to go back over and over again for the fun (and the ice cream, obvs!).

I also bought a slice of Biscoff and Caramel cake from The London Vegan Bakery to takeaway that I has the next day. That one was an absolute winner! They also had Baileys cupcakes filled with Baileys Almande which sounded sooo good so that’ll be the next one I go for!

And if you can’t already tell that I have a sweet tooth, I also had some cupcakes from Ms Cupcake. A sweet vanilla cupcake with pink icing and a Ferrero Rocher cupcake, yum! If you would like to see some pictures of that make sure to check out my Instagram.

There we go, I think that’s all I ate at Vegan Life Live but I might have forgotten some things, haha. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all the goodies and got some inspiration for food you might want to try soon.
Hopefully this post also showed you that veganism doesn’t mean you can only eat lettuce but such a big variety of foods, including lots of junk! I’m not saying it’s good to eat it all the time but knowing there are these options out there is amazing!

See you soon!
Monique xx

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