My Vegan Livestyle | Upcoming Posts

My Vegan Livestyle | Upcoming Posts

I always thought that being vegan meant not eating any animal products and that’s it. And I was convinced that veganism wouldn’t be for me because I couldn’t live without cheese.

But being vegan and living a vegan lifestyle is way more than just stopping eating animal products. It’s about living vegan, not wearing leather, finding vegan soap, buying cruelty-free make up. Now I know, the food part is actually the easiest about being vegan. (Living without cheese is actually pretty easy!)

I’ve been vegan for about 2.5 months now and I can’t imagine changing that soon. It can be an absolute pain to find vegan things in supermarkets and clothes shops but in the end, it’s all worth it!

Coming Up

My aim is showing you my reasonably new vegan lifestyle to inspire you. Maybe it motivates you to make small changes in your diet or your lifestyle, it doesn’t always have to be the meat or dairy option. And the vegan options aren’t always bad! That’s what I would like to prove.

Over the next few weeks, I want to share my vegan favourites with you to make your vegan journey as easy as possible. And when you’re not a vegan; no problem, even changing little things like eating vegetarian once a week make a difference!

My Vegan Lifestyle

I Need Your Help!

To turn the next posts in something you actually want to read I want you to tell me what you would like to read about. So head over to the comment section and let me know which topics you’re interested in. Or ask some questions if you like!

Of course, I already have some things in mind, delicious recipes, drinks (many alcoholic ones aren’t vegan!) and everyday essentials for example.


I know that this weeks post is way shorter than the other ones but you’ll have a lot to read next time!

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Monique xx


16 thoughts on “My Vegan Livestyle | Upcoming Posts”

  • Ok, so I’ve been a pescatarian for about 10 years and keep thinking about going vegan, but haven’t actually given it a go yet. I eat a lot of vegan dinners already, so I don’t think it would be *too* difficult to switch but I keep putting it off. I have a bunch of questions:

    Did you find your grocery bill increased when you went vegan?
    How much do you spend on cashews a month?
    I lift weights and try to get 88g of protein a day, do you know how much you get? are you ever afraid you’re not getting enough?
    I’m so used to having milk in my coffee and milk and cereal for breakfast, that first thing in the morning I have dairy without even thinking about it, do you have any advice for vegan breakfasts that I can make while still half asleep?
    Do you spend a lot more time cooking and making vegan ingredients from scratch?

    I bet I could come up with a lot more questions. Going vegan is something that always feels juuuuust out of reach for me.

    • Hi Claire!

      Well done for being a Pescetarian for such a long time already! πŸ™‚ Maybe you just give it a try and see how it goes? I would recommend getting used to veganism step by step.

      Thank you for all your questions!
      1. No, it hasn’t increased at all, I think it’s even cheaper now. Of course, you can buy many ‘fake meat’ products and they’re quite expensive but if you focus on the less processed foods it’s not expensive.
      2. Haha, that’s a good question, I’ve got absolutely no idea! πŸ˜€
      3.I never worry about not getting enough protein but I’ve also never tracked my nutritions so I can’t tell you how much I actually get. I’ll upload a post about that soon, so maybe you want to have a look at that? πŸ™‚
      4. The easiest breakfast for me is basically the normal porridge or cereal, just without the dairy. You can use many different kinds of vegan milk instead, my favourite one is a one called ‘Oat Drink’, it’s great in coffee, too! I want to write a post about easy breakfasts soon, so maybe that’s something for you, too?!
      5. I don’t think I spend more time in the kitchen than I did before. I became a fan of big batch cooking so I need to prepare even less! I just put the leftovers in the fridge and create a different meal from it the next day.

      I’m sure you can do it if you give it a try! I thought it would be suuuuper difficult but it’s not, I promise!

      Monique xx

  • Good for you!!! I’m not vegan, but I can totally appreciate the awesomeness of it! I was vegetarian growing up, and was vegetarian for about a month a few years ago (then I got preggo, and I let the cravings have what they wanted!). lol, I’m weak.

    But there are some really, really yummy things that people just don’t realize is vegan! I can’t wait to see what else you post. I just followed you on insta. πŸ˜€

  • Vegan people (is that how we address them?) have always intrigued me. I wonder if they go through withdrawal symptoms when they switch to a vegan lifestyle. Do they find it difficult to order in a mainstream restaurant?

    • Hey!

      Thank’s for your questions!

      I obviously don’t know about everyone else but I don’t have any withdrawal symptoms, it’s kind of the opposite, I’m way less tired than before. The most important thing is that you look after your vitamin B12, I take supplements to make sure I get enough of it.

      Going to a restaurant is pretty easy I would say. Nearly all of the restaurants offer vegan options. And if you go to Pizza Express, for example, you even get vegan cheese on your pizza!

      Monique xx

  • I was super concerned about cheese too. And then I found out my son had a crazy dairy allergy while breastfeeding him, I gave up cheese and never looked back. If it wasn’t for him I never would have began researching about the harmful affects dairy has on our bodies.

    • Hi Juli,

      I’m sorry to hear that but I’m glad you found a way to stay healthy!

      Before I became vegan I believed what my parents said and thought that milk is good and important for you! After a while, I started reading about it a bit more and was shocked to hear about all of the things that are going on in the milk-industry!

      Monique xx

  • I’d love to hear more about the non-food-related ways that implementing a vegan lifestyle is beneficial for society. I’m trying to slowly phase in more vegan foods into my lifestyle, firstly from Mon-Fri (as a start!).

  • I’m so glad to read your post! I became a vegan 5 weeks ago and I love it. I am keeping my meals very simple to start. I look forward to reading more about your journey.

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