Vegan YouTubers You Should Watch

Vegan YouTubers You Should Watch

We’re still in Veganuary and so so many people have signed up for going vegan through January. This makes me so happy and for every single one of you interested in cutting down animal products I hope this list of vegan YouTubers you should watch will be helpful and inspiring.

In hindsight I have picked out more YouTubers than I first anticipated but it’s impossible to narrow down this list of amazing people! In this post I focused on English speaking channels but I’m German and I do watch quite a few German YouTubers, too. If a list of those would interest you let me know and I’ll happily talk about them, too! This might even be an opportunity to learn a second language?! πŸ˜‰

Bonny Rebecca

Let’s get started with Bonny. She is an Aussie YouTuber and I started watching her videos when I was a vegetarian and was thinking about going vegan. She posts lots and lots of amazing vegan recipes that are super healthy and nutritious and often quite easy to make, too! Her recipes are great for summer or if you fancy something light.

Now, I was just writing this up and she has just uploaded a new video saying that she is no longer vegan. But I do think she still deserves to be in this list as she has really inspired me to go vegan. It seems like it was not an easy decision for Bonny and if you want to find out more about her reasoning for not being vegan anymore please check out that video as I am far away from being a health expert! She still shares lots of vegan recipes though πŸ™‚

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Rae Likes Froot

If you’re trying to go vegan and you’re on a budget Rae is THE ONE to watch! She makes grocery hauls for every UK supermarket you can think of and also talks about affordable vegan beauty and lifestyle products (Did you know Primark has vegan skincare products?! No? I know do, thanks to Rae!). Rae is incredibly funny and so easy to watch, just grab a cup of tea and get cosy in front of the screen to binge-watch!

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Grace Fit UK

Talking about Grace might seem off topic but I believe she fits in well into this group of vegan YouTubers. If you have read my last post about my New Years Resolutions you might now that I want to get into moving my body more. For this Grace is the perfect girl to watch, she motivates me massively with the videos she made about working out and sticking to it. She’s also a student, something I can obviously relate to and often uploads vlogs about her uni life and What I Eat in a Day’s, something I always love watching.

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Caitlin Shoemaker

Caitlin (aka. FromMyBowl) has an amazing YouTube Channel full of vegan and (mostly) gluten-free recipes. My favorite videos of her are the ‘lunch box ideas’, she has some amazing ideas for sandwich fillers, etc. ! Her recipes are super comforting and filling but still super healthy, the best combo!

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Jess Greenash

Jess (or The Crude Vegan) has massively helped me with how I see myself and body positivity. Yes, she also has many vegan related videos that I love but her ‘real talk’ videos are on a different level! She is hilarious while being brutally honest and if you could use a little boost of your self-esteem you should definitely check her out!

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Amanda Ducks

Last but definitely not least I want to talk about Amanda, another Aussie based YouTuber. She mostly shares vlogs and I am so in love with her editing style! Watching her videos always puts me in a good mood. She often posts meal idea videos which are super compact and easy to watch. I don’t know anyone else who could pack 7 lunch ideas into a 7 minute video!

Find Amanda on YouTube and Instagram

There we go, this is a shortish list of the people I love watching at the moment and I hope they might inspire you, too! No matter if you are already vegan or if you’re trying to cut down meat or other animal products.

And if you’re already checking out everyone’s Instagram don’t forget to check out mine, too! πŸ˜‰

Monique xx

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  • Thanks for these recommendations Monique, there are some great ones here I haven’t heard of so will definitely check them out!! I was really sad to hear about Bonny Rebecca’s decision too as she has been one of my fave YouTubers for the last two years. I’m sure she has her own reasons for doing what she’s doing and I hope she goes vegan again sometime. In the meantime though I’m now looking for some other new vegan YouTubers I can watch instead ☺️

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