What I Eat In A Day | Vegan

What I Eat In A Day | Vegan

I always really enjoy watching or reading ‘What I eat in a day’ videos or posts from fellow bloggers. That’s why I thought I should give it a try!

Maybe some of you could use this as an inspiration to eat a bit more plant based than they did before.

What I Eat In A Day


Today’s breakfast was a little bit boring I guess, but it recently became one of my favourites. PB & J, yummy! I think having peanut butter and jam on bread is not very popular in Germany but my host kids love it so I discovered it for myself as well.

As I’m German I prefer some ‘proper’ sourdough bread. And because I’m extra weird I like to have it slightly toasted!

What I Eat In A Day


I intended to eat quite healthy today… But then I remembered I bought some vegan jam filled doughnuts yesterday, what a shame! πŸ˜€ So unfortunately I had to eat one of them, I would never let them go off!

To make my snack a little bit healthier I also had the rest of this little bad boy! I’m generally obsessed with pineapple at the moment!


Luckily I had time to cook lunch today, otherwise I would have ended up buying a Tesco Meal Deal, again! One thing I always try to do is adding as many colours to my food as possible. It shouldn’t just taste good but should be nice to look at, too.

We didn’t have a great variety of veg in the fridge so I chopped up some pepper, courgette, tomato, onion, boiled some rice and made a big delicious stir fry. At the end, I added some Mexican spices and topped it with some hummus.


For dinner, I had some leftovers from the night before so I turned my pasta with tomato sauce into a pasta salad. It was surprisingly good!


For a late night snack I had a handful of cherries and some of these suuuuper nice mint thins, they’re basically like after eight’s, just cheaper and vegan!


So, that’s it with my first What I Eat In A Day post! I really hope you enjoyed it, let me know if you’d be interested in reading more of these.


Monique xx


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